We march to a different tune

Why should you choose Chateau Fine Homes to be your builder? What makes us different? Here’s a few standards most builders charge extra for.

Pot Filler

A feature all of our homes will have are pot fillers. If you have a pot filler, you know how convenient they are. They are functional, and can be a very attractive fixture in your kitchen. You may not need to use a pot filler every time you cook, but there will be times you’ll be glad you have one. Not only are they great for filling large pots with water, but they are used to refill pots with boiling water safely.

Another feature you can’t help but notice is our love of color – splashes of color throughout our homes. This is one of the ways we add character with minimal expense to a home. Choose an accent wall, a brightly painted front door, and shutters to match! We like to inspire you by giving each home a hint of color for you to get the creative juices flowing.

We use push button, flush counter garbage disposal buttons. What’s so great about that? Well, if we didn’t, every time you had to turn your disposal on, you’d be leaning over to access power in the cabinet under your sink. Just a little something you may not have thought about.

We don’t like wasted space. You will notice niches, insets, fur downs, and lots of storage space in our homes. You are paying for your home, so why not enjoy and use every inch of it!

Come check out our homes. For a showing, call us: 405.752.1000.

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